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Mohammed bin Rashid Gardens project to evoke Kuwait’s City of Silk

Further details of dubai’s new $54bn mohammed bin rashid gardens have been revealed, with the new development bearing a strong visual resemblance to kuwait’s city of silk project. A number of companies were involved in the development of the masterplan, according to rashid al-awadhi, principle architect with injaz, a member of dubai properties. One of those, he said, was eric kuhne’s uk-based civic arts, which was involved in the initial concept design. Civic arts is the designer of the 250 square-kilometre city of silk.

Mohammed bin rashid gardens is to be located between emirates road and al-khail road, and will measure 88 square kilometres. Featuring 73 per cent green space and 10 per cent waterways, the low-density development is to be built over six phases. The first two – covering infrastructure and parks – are to be implemented immediately, following approval from the ministry and contractors being signed up. this is expected to take place within the next few months. Hashim al-dabal, chairman of dubai properties, said: “we are comfortable, if we sign contractors to build the roads and bridges, that a timescale of two to three years is satisfactory. As a whole project, i estimate the first two phases will take between five and seven years. The project will also feature a 42-kilometre canal, to run from phase 3 of business bay into the persian gulf. Al-awadhi added that dubai properties is looking at various forms of water transportation to connect mohammed bin rashid gardens with other projects in dubai. Al-dabal stressed that the project is illustrative of dubai’s ambition to meet the growing sustainable agenda. “seventy-three per cent of green area takes a lot to deliver, and we are having to give away a lot of land for nature, which could otherwise be developed on.”

  • the inevitable demands placed on water supply will be met by a combination of desert-type flora and fauna, which are acclimatised to the region, and plants which can survive through the natural moisture in the air alone.
  • The system of civic parks, which will be a feature of the development, will be supplied with grey water produced by the residents.
  • The project will consist of four sections:
  • The house of nature – the main cluster of the development, featuring gardens, environmental labs, recreational clubs and alternative medicine and herbal clinics
  • The house of wisdom – to include dubai central library, international organisations and universities and science colleges
  • The house of humanity – to feature charities, humanitarian establishments and a museum
  • The house of commerce – includes banking and finance schools as well as branches of insurance companies, international companies and islamic and international banks.

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