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Projects in Kuwait are worth close to US$300 billion

Kuwait Geographic BreakdownThe prospects for those actively seeking commercial advantage in Kuwait’s developing project market are numerous (Source: MEED Projects).

Kuwait Projects 2009 highlights where the opportunities exist in Kuwait’s project market so that your business can identify how to get involved and win work. It will pinpoint the areas where your business can maximise potential through presentations from key clients in both the public and private sector. This is your chance to hear what the project owners are looking for, what their plans and expectations are and how you can work with them to deliver those plans.

The conference focuses on those sectors identified as presenting the most potential for businesses looking to get involved in Kuwait: the latest developments in oil and gas, power and water, civil infrastructure (transportation, healthcare, education) and real estate. As well as giving an overview of the economic climate in Kuwait, so you understand how to make the most of all possible opportunities.

Benefits of attending

  1. Network with key clients to double your chances of winning work in Kuwait
  2. Hear from major oil companies in Kuwait and find out how your business can get involved in new contracts
  3. Ministry of Public Works are to spend US$51 billion on construction by the end of the decade. This is your chance to find out what the Ministry is looking for from partners
  4. Identify how businesses in Kuwait could benefit from future opportunities in Iraq’s reconstruction
  5. Attend the National Offset Company masterclass and realise how you can benefit from the numerous offset projects.

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