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Square Capital Tower in Kuwait

Owner : Al Dar National Real Estate Company
Location : Kuwait City
Floors/Hight : 63F/351M
Construction Start : 2007
Construction End : q4 , 2010
A Real Estate Landmark

In light of a clear strategy and its persistence to execute several major development projects with a significantarchitecturaldimension,AlDarNationalReal Estate Co. commenced its activities with Capital Tower project which is considered as one of the most significantandmajorlandmarksinthestateofKuwait. The project is located in the financialandcommercial center of the city. The Capital Tower comprises several attractive elements covering one of the biggest lands ever allocated to the private sector in the center of the city. The land covers and area of 6400 sq. meter, overlooks the Arabian Gulf, surrounded by three main streets: Abdullah Al-AhmedSt., Jaber Al-Mubarak St. and Ahmed Al-Jaber St. The Capital Tower project aims to develop and construct a modern architectural building comprising commercial offices,ashoppingcenter,hotelandacarpark.Al Dar National Real Estate Company has assigned project management of The Capital Tower to PromanMace Co. following the alliance achieved between Mace International Company, as one of the major global companies in the management of constructional projects and Proman Project Management Co. a qualifiedKuwaitiprojectmanagementfirm.Thearchitecturalandconstructionaldesigns were also developed by Norr Group Consultants International Limited, one of the leading engineering and consultancy companies in the world. Total area of the Capital Tower project covers nearly 134,000 sq. meter, while total cost of the project is valued at around KD 90 Million. It is anticipated that the project will achieve remarkable returns upon completion in 2009.

A MagnificentLandmark

The officetoweratTheCapitalTowerprojectisdesignedtoincarnateauniqueart piece comprising 51 floors.Thetowerhasamarvelousoceanviewstartingfrom the northern coast of Kuwait city. The Capital Tower project represents a unique opportunity and a landmark in one of the most important crossings down town. It is a real vertical artwork.

Marketing and Entertainment Center

Capital tower project comprises a 5 storied shopping center built in accordance with the most modern global systems. The project comprises stores, shops, cafes, restaurants and sophisticated entertainment facilities. The commercial center provides integrated services to visitors and an added value to investors. The project area will be 21688 sm.

A Creative Concept in the Hospitality Industry

The Capital Tower project added value is evidenced through the hotel building which is connected directly to the tower and the shopping center. The hotel is a 14 storied building consisting of 203 rooms and suites in addition to 30 luxurious multi sized hotel apartments. In its continuous solicitation to realize the best investment returns for shareholders and operate the hotel according to the most modern and advanced concepts that blend Arabian hospitality with unique living style, Al Dar National Real Estate company signed an agreement with Refad Hotels and Resorts Co. to operate the project hotel. This was during the Arabian Travel Market. The hotel then was named The Square Capital Tower Hotel.

The Square Hotels, usually located in the city center, provide luxurious living atmosphere for their guests, especially businessmen. This chain of international hotels provides its services in a creative style that blends culture and tradition with modernity. The square hotels are part of Refad hotels and resorts chain that aims to provide the latest and most advanced concepts of hotel industry and provide creative and developed solutions to this industry.

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